Pokémon black and white launch

For the recent Nintendo game launch of Pokémon Black and White, we were asked by The Pokémon Company to introduce over 150 new Pokémon characters across Europe to old and future fans. The job was to encourage awareness, excitement and drive sales of the new game.

We made work across platforms to let people discover the new Pokémon in the real world, their own cities, and online. Each execution showed a new character in an iconic and recognisable city location across Europe. The campaign ran across outdoor, press, online, and experiential media. Over 100 character “cards” were hosted online for Pokémon fans to download.

The campaign culminated in Berlin with a four-storey high projection game in which people revealed Pokémon characters with a laser-controlled device.

Pokémon White became the 2nd fastest selling Nintendo DS game ever in the UK. 1 million games were sold in Europe during the first 10 days of the launch, which became 1.9 million games one month into the campaign. This made it the most successful Pokémon launch in history.


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