Experience the breakthrough with Vype

We launched Vype e-cigarettes to place the brand as the first true alternative to smoking. This new category is dominated by poor quality products, leaving early adopters dissatisfied. In order to position our brand as the expert everyone’s been waiting for, we had to separate ourselves. By focussing on the emotional benefit rather than making rational claims we created the first brand smokers want to identify themselves with. The campaign was fully integrated: TV, OOH, press, digital, eCRM, social media, brand activation events and a complete website redesign. Read more here, here and here.

Silence the troll in you

V Energy is market leader in energy drinks in Australasia but in Europe they only have a 1% share. In order to grow their business we built a communication platform to bring to life their challenger identity. V Energy is all about positive energy and we chose to do something about online trolling and cure every troll on the web with V-hab.

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Armchair Experts

Unibet has over 7 million customers worldwide which makes it one of the world’s largest online betting companies. However, in the UK the brand is still fairly unknown. To stand apart from other betting companies we positioned the brand as a more intelligent alternative to football-focussed bookmakers, and a champion of fans of rugby, cricket and tennis, whose sports are often overlooked.

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The ‘Who’s In?’ Button

Cuervo’s ‘Who’s In?’ campaign calls out and celebrates instigators across the globe. The campaign taps into a universal insight about friends and tequila, that every social group has an instigator – the guy who always makes things happen – and that nothing plays to the instigator’s sense of fun, adventure and spontaneity better than the Cuervo Moment. In order to make more of these moments happen, Cuervo provides instigators with the ‘Who’s In?’ Button to rally their friends for fun nights out together.

We’ve entered the campaign for the 2013 Webby Awards. Fingers crossed!